Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interview with Dimitri Sherman of The 24 Studio

The wonderful Dimitri Sherman brought out work to our last art show and won first place for photography at the November 20th event!

You can check out more of his work here: the24studio.com

I have seen his work grow over the years and am always impressed by what he brings to the table! Here is a quick interview with him:

1: What would be a brief walk through in a typical work flow for you?

Dimitri: That really depends on the type of assignment I am doing, but the common steps are:
A. Prep for the shoot (work out the concepts, lighting, etc.)
B. Execute (here the ability to direct becomes important)
C. Post-production (since I shoot only RAW, there is a fair amount of work involved, we could do a whole other article on this topic)

2: How many pictures would you say it takes for you to find "The One"

Dimitri: This again depends on a lot of factors: the subject, availability of resources to execute, the vibe of everyone on the set. Sometimes it's the very first test frame, sometimes I need to shoot a 100 frames.

3: How did you learn the skill of photography and what gave you the interest?

Dimitri: I always loved photography, but only gave it a real try when I was 30. Probably because I was tired of corporate life. The best method of learning for me personally is doing, getting feedback on what I am doing; of course a lot of reading, testing, and making mistakes is involved.

4: How do you chose locations or models to shoot? What do you look for typically in both?

I'll start with models, they have to inspire. Ms. Dolly Diamonds is a prime example of a true model who can't help but inspire :) Locations are a bit more difficult, a lot depends on availability and cost.

5: Do you ever feel that doing photography professionally would take the joy out of the creative process for you?

Dimitri: No I do not, in the matter of fact, I think the opposite is true.

5: What is a photoshoot you would love to do that you haven't?

Dimitri: There are so many, but I think a more important question would be: what are you doing to get to do the photo shoots you'd like?

6: Who are your influences?

Dimitri: In terms of other photographers these would be: Helmut Newton, David La Chapell, Richard Avedon. I also like the flow of the paintings by Henry Mattisse (is that the right spelling?).

7: What is the first picture you took that made you realize you had a gift?

Dimitri: I don't think I am there yet, I rely on others to tell me that I have it. But in terms of an image that I love that is one of again my muse Dolly's shots, from a shoot we did at Valley Ho.

8: How do you know when a picture is really good?

Dimitri: When I feel it, I think photography (and art in general) is about emotions; the technical aspects of it come in to play only as tools to make someone feel something.

9: Before you put a photo in your portfolio or publish a photo do you let others critique it first or do you just go with your gut instincts?

Dimitri: I do both, about 50/50.

10: What is the impression you would like to leave in your photos that lasts with the viewer?

Dimitri: I want them to connect with the subject, or in terms of more commercial assignments I want the viewer to take away from the images exactly what a client expects.

Monday, December 13, 2010

And the results are in......

Yes finally..... I apologize about the ridiculous neglect to this blog.

For our last art show which was on November 21st

Winners (if you won first place in any category please come claim your prize!)

Best painting:

1st place: Fire and Ice
2nd place: Tristan & Isolde by Kurt Von Behrmann
3rd place: (5 way tie) Hibiscus, Watercolors, Celtic lady, Pick Axe on Oil by Jason Cheeseman-Meyer, and Embrace

Best drawing:

1st place: Captain Miller
2nd place: Death be not proud & Svetlana (tie)
3rd: Ode to Batman by Azalia Tomek

Best Photo:

1st place: Elisha by 24 Studio Photography
2nd place: Water Goddess by Martin Hazine
3rd place: Blake by 24 Studio Photography

Best 3D Art:

1st place: Glass Cheese Plates by Monte Fremouw
2nd place: Glass Wall Hangings by Margie Crider

Best Overall Piece in Show:
1st Place Tristan & Isolde by Kurt Von Behrmann

(I apologize if some names are not listed by the art title, they will be updated soon!)

This was a great time, we had some awesome bands playing, a massage chair lady, wine all around and a great group to help support the arts and participate in art appreciation.

North Phoenix is crying out for culture, we want to help start by supporting our local artists and musicians, a platform to show our community what hidden gems of talent lie in our own backyard.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Art Show Results

Thanks to everyone who came out to the art show on Saturday to support us! It was so much fun! And much thanks to our wonderful bands who played, J.D. of Loved Arrow our incredible strolling minstrel indoors, Mike Van Loon our great opener, and to O'Henry our amazing headliner!

Our photos sadly were mostly deleted, we are still trying to hunt some down! :(

Winners ARE:


1st Place: Four Peaks in August by Ellen Nemetz

2nd Place: TIE! Pretty in Pink (name to come soon), Flight of the Phoenix by James (name to come soon), Arrivals and Departures by Nick White, and Blind Swimmer by Matthew Hunt

3rd Place: TIE! Pickaxe in Oil by Jason Cheese-Meyer, Beva's Creek, and Walled Garden (names to come)


1st Place: The Joker (name is not ledgible on art, please e-mail us)

2nd Place: Pen & Ink 2 by Arthur (name to come soon)

3rd Place: Modern Atlas (same as first)


1st Place: Chasing the Teddy by John Mcquaker

2nd Place: Water Goddess by Martin Hazine

3rd Place: Abandoned Girl by Martin Hazine


1st Place: TIE! Orange Mural by Leena and Blue Bowl by Nicole (last names to come soon)

2nd Place: Purple Bowl by Nicole (last name to come)

3rd Place: Pendants by Margie Crider


1st Place: Adriana at Desert View # 20

2nd Place: Orca by Azalia Tomek

3rd Place: Jessica at Manzanita


1st Place: Chasing The Teddy by John Mcquaker

2nd Place: Blind Swimmer by Matthew Hunt

3rd Place: TIE! Pickaxe in oil by Jason Cheeseman-meyer, The Grunge Series (name to come), Walled Garden (name to come), and Beva's Creek by Jo Ann Allebech JoAllebachFineArt.com

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artist Interview: Matthew Hunt

Matt Hunt's ink drawing "Wolf Dog" won first place for best in show at our last art show/contest!

Interview with the Artist:

Q: What inspired you to draw this piece?

Matt Hunt: A representation of my family, each piece symbolizes a different member of my family. Thus the tree is like a family tree.

Q: Who are your greatest influences artistically?

Matt Hunt: Jose Orosco because there is so much detail in all of his work, and there is so much going on, it always catches the viewers eye.

Q: How long have you been doing art?

Matt Hunt: Since I was ten, I was drawing the Tick cartoons and mimicking them, my mom was very supportive and people at school would say nice things and notice, this is how I realized I had a gift.

Q: What’s your favorite genre of art?

Matt Hunt: Surrealism

Q: What methods of editing do you prefer to use?

Matt Hunt: Paint over my mistakes!

Q: Do you have a favorite model in town?

Matt Hunt: I don’t know any of their names, I draw figure art for school often and I like drawing girls with lots of curves.

Q: Tell us about your latest series or projects.

Matt Hunt: Working on an unannounced comic book and working on things involving organic things interacting with inorganic things.

Q: Do you like books, or have a favorite author?

Matt Hunt: Yes, I like Chuck Palahniuk's newer stuff, I like the 50s and 60s Sci Fi and Fantasy, I think the cover art from that time period is incredibly inspiring.

Contact Bent Cover Books for more info on Matthew Hunt and see his newest work at our next art show on September 25th!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Artist Interview: Photographer Martin Hazine

Martin Hazine won first place in the photography category at the last art show!

Martin is a fine art photographer whose work has been hung at many businesses in the Phoenix area. Martin is available for Commercial, Advertising, Fashion, and Fine Art Portraiture. Whether its the in the studio, on location, or underwater, Martin turns every photo into a work of art. See more of his work at his website http://www.glossyworks.com and read his interview with us below.

Broken Keys by Martin Hazine

Interview with the artist:

Q: What inspired you to shoot this piece?

Martin H: It was located in this amazing abandoned school in California. It's out in the middle of nowhere, where the reflection off the white sand was blinding and it felt like I couldn't see. The school was small and looked abandoned for a few years. They left it like they were going to return to it, but never did. The ceilings were falling and there were two pianos just sitting there, decaying. It was a beautiful disaster.

Q: Who are your greatest influences artistically?

Martin H: I'm inspired by Helmut Newton, Clayton Cubitt Seige, JW Waterhouse,
David La Chappelle, Joyce Tenneson to name a few.

Q: How long have you been photographing?

Martin H: I originally started in high school with a photography class. I really liked it. I didn't keep it up though. I started up again in 2001 when I got a digital camera. When I started again, I was taking the usual bad photographs of all the innocuous things I could find. I wanted to create one of a kind photographs so I kept working at it. Eventually, I started photographing people which I liked a lot. When photographing people, the shot always changes. Plus, it was much more interesting when you can carry a conversation with a subject. Cactii just aren't good conversationalists.

Q: What's your favorite genre of photography?

Martin H: Photographs with people. I like street shots, artistic, fashion. Everything that
documents the human body and the human soul.

Q: What methods of editing do you prefer to use?

Martin H: I try to keep my editing to a minimum. I've learned a few photoshop effects, but I prefer to keep most of my edits to color adjustments. I have to edit my underwater photographs a bit more just to get a clearer picture though.

Q: Do you have a favorite model in town?

Martin H: I do like working with the same models over and over, but I don't have one in particular that I can call my favorite. I like shooting a lot of different things and each model has her own strength.

Q: Tell us about your latest series or projects.

Martin H: Right now I'm trying to line up some more underwater shoots. I've got a few models, but finding private pools that are deep enough are a problem. I'm also trying to expand my fashion portfolio and get them published in some high fashion magazines.

Q: What made you interested in photography and when did you start?

Martin H: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a lawyer, then I wanted to design planes, then an sketch artist, architect, and finally photographer. I almost made it to architect. I broke it down to what I really wanted to do: be creative and figure things out. Photography allows me the best mix of that. Also, it feels these days like you can't create one masterpiece. You have to create hundreds to make an impression. With photography I can create more.

Q: Do you like books, or have a favorite author?

Martin H: A little bit of science fiction, but most of my books are either photo books of some of my favorite photographers or technical how-to books.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Story Time by Author Cathy Huffman

Tomorrow August 18th at 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm come and listen to Cathy Huffman read from her book, The Legend of Painted Pony and the Western Wind. A tale about a boy and his pony inspired by Native American folklore from the author's roots in Tucson, AZ.

Ages 4 - 8

Reading will beheld in the cafe 12428 N. 28th Dr Phoenix, AZ 85029 602-942-5932
books@bentcoverbooks.com http://www.bentcoverbooks.com

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jared Aragona's Signing/Reading

Thanks to all who came out to support Jared's book. This was a great event and a ton of fun! We will be posting pics and video soon so anyone who missed it can check it out on here. :)

For now, please see his website to read about his innovative fantasy series inspired by a Star Trek episode. Check out Stories from the Circle series today, a trilogy.


Also catch Jared at his next signing

1pm - 3pm
Barnes & Noble -- 10500 N. 90th Street -- Scottsdale, AZ