Monday, December 13, 2010

And the results are in......

Yes finally..... I apologize about the ridiculous neglect to this blog.

For our last art show which was on November 21st

Winners (if you won first place in any category please come claim your prize!)

Best painting:

1st place: Fire and Ice
2nd place: Tristan & Isolde by Kurt Von Behrmann
3rd place: (5 way tie) Hibiscus, Watercolors, Celtic lady, Pick Axe on Oil by Jason Cheeseman-Meyer, and Embrace

Best drawing:

1st place: Captain Miller
2nd place: Death be not proud & Svetlana (tie)
3rd: Ode to Batman by Azalia Tomek

Best Photo:

1st place: Elisha by 24 Studio Photography
2nd place: Water Goddess by Martin Hazine
3rd place: Blake by 24 Studio Photography

Best 3D Art:

1st place: Glass Cheese Plates by Monte Fremouw
2nd place: Glass Wall Hangings by Margie Crider

Best Overall Piece in Show:
1st Place Tristan & Isolde by Kurt Von Behrmann

(I apologize if some names are not listed by the art title, they will be updated soon!)

This was a great time, we had some awesome bands playing, a massage chair lady, wine all around and a great group to help support the arts and participate in art appreciation.

North Phoenix is crying out for culture, we want to help start by supporting our local artists and musicians, a platform to show our community what hidden gems of talent lie in our own backyard.

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