Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Artist Interview: Photographer Martin Hazine

Martin Hazine won first place in the photography category at the last art show!

Martin is a fine art photographer whose work has been hung at many businesses in the Phoenix area. Martin is available for Commercial, Advertising, Fashion, and Fine Art Portraiture. Whether its the in the studio, on location, or underwater, Martin turns every photo into a work of art. See more of his work at his website and read his interview with us below.

Broken Keys by Martin Hazine

Interview with the artist:

Q: What inspired you to shoot this piece?

Martin H: It was located in this amazing abandoned school in California. It's out in the middle of nowhere, where the reflection off the white sand was blinding and it felt like I couldn't see. The school was small and looked abandoned for a few years. They left it like they were going to return to it, but never did. The ceilings were falling and there were two pianos just sitting there, decaying. It was a beautiful disaster.

Q: Who are your greatest influences artistically?

Martin H: I'm inspired by Helmut Newton, Clayton Cubitt Seige, JW Waterhouse,
David La Chappelle, Joyce Tenneson to name a few.

Q: How long have you been photographing?

Martin H: I originally started in high school with a photography class. I really liked it. I didn't keep it up though. I started up again in 2001 when I got a digital camera. When I started again, I was taking the usual bad photographs of all the innocuous things I could find. I wanted to create one of a kind photographs so I kept working at it. Eventually, I started photographing people which I liked a lot. When photographing people, the shot always changes. Plus, it was much more interesting when you can carry a conversation with a subject. Cactii just aren't good conversationalists.

Q: What's your favorite genre of photography?

Martin H: Photographs with people. I like street shots, artistic, fashion. Everything that
documents the human body and the human soul.

Q: What methods of editing do you prefer to use?

Martin H: I try to keep my editing to a minimum. I've learned a few photoshop effects, but I prefer to keep most of my edits to color adjustments. I have to edit my underwater photographs a bit more just to get a clearer picture though.

Q: Do you have a favorite model in town?

Martin H: I do like working with the same models over and over, but I don't have one in particular that I can call my favorite. I like shooting a lot of different things and each model has her own strength.

Q: Tell us about your latest series or projects.

Martin H: Right now I'm trying to line up some more underwater shoots. I've got a few models, but finding private pools that are deep enough are a problem. I'm also trying to expand my fashion portfolio and get them published in some high fashion magazines.

Q: What made you interested in photography and when did you start?

Martin H: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a lawyer, then I wanted to design planes, then an sketch artist, architect, and finally photographer. I almost made it to architect. I broke it down to what I really wanted to do: be creative and figure things out. Photography allows me the best mix of that. Also, it feels these days like you can't create one masterpiece. You have to create hundreds to make an impression. With photography I can create more.

Q: Do you like books, or have a favorite author?

Martin H: A little bit of science fiction, but most of my books are either photo books of some of my favorite photographers or technical how-to books.

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