Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interview with Dimitri Sherman of The 24 Studio

The wonderful Dimitri Sherman brought out work to our last art show and won first place for photography at the November 20th event!

You can check out more of his work here: the24studio.com

I have seen his work grow over the years and am always impressed by what he brings to the table! Here is a quick interview with him:

1: What would be a brief walk through in a typical work flow for you?

Dimitri: That really depends on the type of assignment I am doing, but the common steps are:
A. Prep for the shoot (work out the concepts, lighting, etc.)
B. Execute (here the ability to direct becomes important)
C. Post-production (since I shoot only RAW, there is a fair amount of work involved, we could do a whole other article on this topic)

2: How many pictures would you say it takes for you to find "The One"

Dimitri: This again depends on a lot of factors: the subject, availability of resources to execute, the vibe of everyone on the set. Sometimes it's the very first test frame, sometimes I need to shoot a 100 frames.

3: How did you learn the skill of photography and what gave you the interest?

Dimitri: I always loved photography, but only gave it a real try when I was 30. Probably because I was tired of corporate life. The best method of learning for me personally is doing, getting feedback on what I am doing; of course a lot of reading, testing, and making mistakes is involved.

4: How do you chose locations or models to shoot? What do you look for typically in both?

I'll start with models, they have to inspire. Ms. Dolly Diamonds is a prime example of a true model who can't help but inspire :) Locations are a bit more difficult, a lot depends on availability and cost.

5: Do you ever feel that doing photography professionally would take the joy out of the creative process for you?

Dimitri: No I do not, in the matter of fact, I think the opposite is true.

5: What is a photoshoot you would love to do that you haven't?

Dimitri: There are so many, but I think a more important question would be: what are you doing to get to do the photo shoots you'd like?

6: Who are your influences?

Dimitri: In terms of other photographers these would be: Helmut Newton, David La Chapell, Richard Avedon. I also like the flow of the paintings by Henry Mattisse (is that the right spelling?).

7: What is the first picture you took that made you realize you had a gift?

Dimitri: I don't think I am there yet, I rely on others to tell me that I have it. But in terms of an image that I love that is one of again my muse Dolly's shots, from a shoot we did at Valley Ho.

8: How do you know when a picture is really good?

Dimitri: When I feel it, I think photography (and art in general) is about emotions; the technical aspects of it come in to play only as tools to make someone feel something.

9: Before you put a photo in your portfolio or publish a photo do you let others critique it first or do you just go with your gut instincts?

Dimitri: I do both, about 50/50.

10: What is the impression you would like to leave in your photos that lasts with the viewer?

Dimitri: I want them to connect with the subject, or in terms of more commercial assignments I want the viewer to take away from the images exactly what a client expects.