Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Art Show Results

Thanks to everyone who came out to the art show on Saturday to support us! It was so much fun! And much thanks to our wonderful bands who played, J.D. of Loved Arrow our incredible strolling minstrel indoors, Mike Van Loon our great opener, and to O'Henry our amazing headliner!

Our photos sadly were mostly deleted, we are still trying to hunt some down! :(

Winners ARE:


1st Place: Four Peaks in August by Ellen Nemetz

2nd Place: TIE! Pretty in Pink (name to come soon), Flight of the Phoenix by James (name to come soon), Arrivals and Departures by Nick White, and Blind Swimmer by Matthew Hunt

3rd Place: TIE! Pickaxe in Oil by Jason Cheese-Meyer, Beva's Creek, and Walled Garden (names to come)


1st Place: The Joker (name is not ledgible on art, please e-mail us)

2nd Place: Pen & Ink 2 by Arthur (name to come soon)

3rd Place: Modern Atlas (same as first)


1st Place: Chasing the Teddy by John Mcquaker

2nd Place: Water Goddess by Martin Hazine

3rd Place: Abandoned Girl by Martin Hazine


1st Place: TIE! Orange Mural by Leena and Blue Bowl by Nicole (last names to come soon)

2nd Place: Purple Bowl by Nicole (last name to come)

3rd Place: Pendants by Margie Crider


1st Place: Adriana at Desert View # 20

2nd Place: Orca by Azalia Tomek

3rd Place: Jessica at Manzanita


1st Place: Chasing The Teddy by John Mcquaker

2nd Place: Blind Swimmer by Matthew Hunt

3rd Place: TIE! Pickaxe in oil by Jason Cheeseman-meyer, The Grunge Series (name to come), Walled Garden (name to come), and Beva's Creek by Jo Ann Allebech